Research & Social Policy Analysis

Social Research

The Peterborough Social Planning Council conducts social research and supports the social research of other groups when that research is honest in its design, implementation and data analysis. Over the last decade PSPC has completed research on a broad range of social issues including child care, economic security, food security, housing security and violence prevention. Many of our research projects are undertaken in partnership with other community organizations. We also maintain links with local academic and community research bodies, including Fleming Data Research, Trent University, and the Trent Centre for Community Based Education.

PSPC meets the information needs of the broader community by reporting on local demographic and social trends in publications including the Peterborough Profile and the Quality of Life Index. PSPC provides research support to the United Way of Peterborough & District, monitoring emerging issues in the community and providing in-depth reports on priorities such as voluntarism.

PSPC also undertakes research on a fee for service basis when that research fits within the agency’s vision and mission. In the last year, we have completed projects for the Peterborough County-City Health Unit, the City of Peterborough Children’s Services Department, the Affordable Housing Action Committee, and the Early Years Challenge Fund Steering Committee

Social Policy Analysis

As part of our commitment to positive social change, the PSPC provides non-partisan analysis of social policy created at the federal, provincial, or municipal level. We examine the effects of policies on our community, and make recommendations to decision-makers to advocate for progressive and effective change. Our recent work has focused on policy areas such as affordable housing, cuts to social assistance, the lifetime ban for welfare fraud, and the National Child Benefit clawback.

PSPC chaired the Social Policy Initiatives Committee, which involved close to 30 community representatives and advised the Mayor and Warden on a range of critical social policies. This Committee initiated the Municipal Social Plan, was involved in discussions and presentations on a wide variety of social issues, and raised concerns with County and City Councils on policy areas such as the National Child Benefit clawback and the requirement to place liens on the homes of recipients of Ontario Works.

PSPC takes an educational role in the community through objective information dissemination and promotion of strategies for social change.